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Comingo Soon Video – The Stone Terrace, Hamilton NJ

A small “coming soon video” of the beautiful wedding of Sandra & Miguel in The Stone Terrace by John Henry’s in Hami

Cinderella Quinceañera Pre-Event Video

Now the “Coming Soon Video” of this beautiful young girl with a princess dream, in a fairytale place!!! 😍 (Almost like we saw it in the movie 🙌😂)

Luis & Esli’s Wedding in Costa del Sol Union NJ | Music Video Highlight

Finally I can share the video of this beautiful wedding of last May 5. Enjoy it!

Tavi’s Sweet Sixteen Music Video Highlight

Under Star Sweet Sixteen Party in Space Event, Englewood NJ

Sweet Sixteen Tiffany & Co and Soccer | Music Video Highlight

Ecuador and Puerto Rico celebrating the sweet sixteen of this beautiful young girl. | Ecuador y Puerto Rico celebrando los dulces dieciséis de esta hermosa jovencita.

Emely’s Sweet Sixteen Party Video HL

Emely’s Sweet Sixteen Party – Video Highlight | Galloping Hill Caterers, Union NJ