First Birthday Session: CakeSmash

Your son / daughter’s first birthday is coming, and what better way to capture that moment with a special photo session to conclude with a fun cakesmash!.

The pictures of a baby eating up the first birthday cake have a special magic touch that manages to draw smiles on the viewers also becomes a unique memory that returns to fill your heart with tenderness whenever see it, even though years have passed and your baby becomes an adult.

Many parents use this photo session for party invitations for the first birthday, and if this is the case we recommend you contact us when your baby is 10 months to schedule the session and that you have the images ready to make the invitations and party decorations. If you do not plan to use the images for this purpose, the session may be performed at 12 months and in some cases up to 18 months.

 This type of session can be done in studio, at home or outdoors. Session can be done in two or even three parts. The first will focus on your baby portraits (in some shots parents can participate) and the second part we will focus on the CakeSmash. The third part would be to create Bubble Bath shots, but we currently do not do them in our studio, only performed if the session is planned at home and it has the facilities to do so, or if the session is done outdoors (when weather permitting).




  • We recommend you bring two outfits, the first to make nice pictures of traditional portraiture, and the second will be the attire for the cake.
  • Make a sort of training two to three weeks before the session. Since your baby was born you probably have been trying to teach him not to play with food; so if you do not prepare, we will have a smash cake with very little action. Prepare muffins or cupcakes with frosting to familiarize yourself, and let him/her eat freely without scolding. Making try him/her try the treats ahead of time can help you determine if the baby has any allergies or is sensitive to the coloring glaze. Also, believe it or not there are some babies who do not like it, unlike others who love to play and eat it. This can help you determine what type of cake will be perfect for the session.
  • Ideally incorporate some decorations that will be wornonthe first party, we have some solid colored backgrounds that can be personalized with garlands or decorations that you would like to incorporate, some backgrounds also have beautiful designs that can be used, you also can order a special background and custom which can then be used as part of your party decorations. Note that if you want to order a special background you should place the order in advance, because the production and delivery of them can take several weeks.


  • Most parents, when it comes to girls prefer to buy a beautiful tutu for photos, and for boys some set of tie and slacks. This may do so in one of the many stores that provide in Etsy. We do not provide clothing for the cakesmash because they are usually single use because it is ruining the cake with glaze. So if you prefer to simply smash part of a diaper, no problem!
  • Be sure to bring a water bottle, some children become very thirsty because of the sugar, most just need a break to continue eating it. Also note that hand wet wipes a good for quick cleaning, and perhaps a roll of bounty. I also recommend you bring a change of clothes for you!, Because I have not yet seen any parent not get dirty with their babies!
  • If baby if you feel sick or has a fever the day of the meeting, reschedule. It is best to obtain good results. No beautiful smiles if not in the mood to play.
  • Bring your baby’s favorite dry snack to put it on the cake, this is in case we need to motivate him/her to get into the cake. Also bring the spoon used to feed, to provide “assistance” to break the cake, some babies are very delicate and show the good work that one has done as parents instilling cleaning at lunchtime, they do not feel comfortable putting their hands directly.
  • Please bring one or more small plastic toys (that can be cleaned easily) to draw attention to your baby, this will give us small periods of time of stillness allowing us to achieve some nice shots.
  • Please avoid buying cake covered with chocolate or chocolate and fondant decorations (these can be dangerous for small ones). If you do not want to worry about the cake, you can ask for our package available that includes a giant vanilla cupcake with icing color of your choice.
  • And of course we need a candle number 1, that is often an attractive element for the infants and may find it useful to destroy it. Additional costs will be charged if the baby does not share his cake with me (this is a joke lol!)


If you are interested in scheduling a session of cakesmash for your baby or for a family member, or would like some other type of session you can contact us through THIS LINK, you can also write to us or call us at  | 201-978-0123. We would love to hear from you!