How to prepare for your Pregnancy Photo Session

Motherhood is one of the most beautiful seasons in the life of a woman. As a photographer my goal is always to achieve the best images, printing my experience and artistic vision in the photo, but as a woman and mother who fully understands the magic of your tender hopes, my desire is to capture all the excitement, beauty and splendor radiating all female carrier of the miracle of life.



Maternity sessions are usually performed between weeks 28 to 34 (average 7 to 8 months of gestation). The common ideal week is 32. But this may vary since each pregnancy is unique. What is provided for is that his mother is quite pronounced and round belly. Some mothers experience some difficulty in their mobility as the birth approaches, which may limit the session to certain poses, so if you have the idea of doing more creative things we recommend you do not wait for the last few weeks to schedule your session.

You can book your session preferably with 2 months in advance, this will give us enough time to prepare. Once you have made your reservation, I offer a free consultation by phone or email to discuss ideas for poses, location, style and accessories . I have several accessories at your disposition but the photo experience with a personal touch on clothing and details are the most special. I share my Pinterest board where you will find resources and details to personalize your session.

If you are interested in having a time line of your pregnancy (Pregnancy Timeline), we have a special package that includes several mini sessions starting between weeks 12 and 16. Accounts If more weeks, do not be discouraged early, please contact us and we will provide the information needed to customize a timeline for you.



Maternity sessions are usually done in our studio or in the comfort of your home, but also can be made at any other location particular to you, according to the concept you want to perform. There are many options to consider in the study or home, such as classical artistic-fashion photography, the most intimate-boudoir glamor. Outdoor shots can focus more on a lifestyle type session, but if you prefer we can do outdoor shots which reflect its natural splendor. With pleasure I will help you review options and ideas to ensure that you have a comfortable experience during your session.



You can bring any dress or underwear that are comfortable to use, but I recommend bringing a form-fitting dress, bodycon dress, skirt, maternity pants, tube top, lingerie lace black and beige, and if you prefer color under any set you have prepared.

You can also bring a variety of accessories like big jewelry, scarves, flowers, hats, belts, maternity custom details like your baby shoes, ribbon with a name or special message, etc..

I also recommend fixing your hair in soft waves, and a professional natural makeup (natural does not mean no makeup) performed. And do not forget your hands and feet, is a special time to show off a beautiful manicure and pedicure.



We take two to three weeks in the post-production of images. Professional retouching quality is important and can transform a beautiful picture, a work of photographic art that you can proudly boast, especially when performing for professional prints.

I hope this information has been useful for you. If you are considering pregnancy sessions, you, your spouse or a family member, or would like to have some other type of session, you can book the session ON THIS LINK. If you are thinking about having a pregnancy session done and then taking pictures of your newborn baby, I have several package options combined with sessions you might be interested, do not hesitate to contact us!