Planning a Session for a Newborn

I love taking baby pictures, although I must admit it’s not an easy task. But the miracle of life never ceases to amaze us, they melt our hearts with every tender gesture of their little beings.

For a baby session to be as successful as possible, it requires a bit of planning and preparing, and in continuation I have prepared a small guide that will be very useful if you are considering attaining one.


I recommend that you contact us prior to the birth of your baby to schedule a session within the first 14 days after birth.

The ideal timing would be between the 5th and the 10th day after birth. This is because the baby’s naps are longer and their sleep is more profound. Besides in the first 7 days they still conserve their fetal position and its easier for them to hold those nestled positions. After the 8th day, they discover the pleasure of stretching, which also gifts us with beautiful images. After the first 14 days, its almost impossible to have the baby in such a profound sleep, and accomplish certain positions. But I want to let you know ahead of time so that you will a have a more realistic idea of what we will be able to accomplish.

My sincere desire is for you to have a beautiful pregnancy and birth without any problems, but understand that nature is unpredictable and occasionally deliveries can come before the expected time and the baby may have to be in observation the first few days. So do not worry, we can schedule a photo session for your baby when you are ready, we guarantee that you will have equally beautiful and tender photographs that capture the joy of the arrival of your little angel.

He’s/She’s Here

Once your baby is born you can contact us through our email, or private message on Facebook, or call us to specify the exact day and time of the session.

Where to have the session

We have two options available, do it in my studio, or do it in a special location for you, such as your home or outdoors (if the weather is warm enough and you are comfortable with the idea).

Generally the place to choose is linked to the style of photography you wish to have, which I will explain:

Study Sessions or Posings: These sessions are those made in the first two weeks of birth and the focus is on getting beautiful pictures with some background composition and accessories (blankets, hats, headbands, etc.) These sessions can last up to 4 hours. Some portrait shots are also included along with the parents. Besides the photographs will have an individual post processing for a perfect end result.


Lifestyle Sessions: These are informal sessions that are preferably carried out in the home, which may include some poses, but the main intention is to capture the most natural baby pictures and home. These sessions can be made up to 6 weeks of age and usually last 1 to 2 hours. The heart of these sessions is to capture the atmosphere of love in the family for the arrival of the new member. The memory of amazement at each discovery, gesture and reaction of the arrival of a baby to a home, is something that becomes blurred after time for parents, and that is why capturing that environment for some parents is very important, they are memories that are treasured!


Picture day is here, How do I get ready?

  • In the early days of your baby’s life, you going to establish times to eat and sleep. Ideally you should try to keep the baby awake a little longer than usual before the session so that after eating, he’ll be sleeping very deeply. This is something that parents may struggle with, so I recommend leaving home in the at mid-nap, possibly sleep in the car again or have to eat, and this is the hard part, you have to try not to feed them, they may even cry a little, so that when they come to study and hungriest the baby is very tired, which guarantees a very deep nap.
  • If you are feeding your baby formula, remember to carry spares! The session may make his/her sleeping a little irregular, eating becomes a bit uneven in the hours we are working, and thus prompted further eating. Do not forget to bring pacifiers if needed.
  • Try to dress him/her in very loose clothing and loose with the diapers as much as you can, to avoid marks on the skin for at least an hour before the session.
  • Do not forget to bring skin lotion or oil for your baby. In the first few days they are skin sheds or have a rash, although we do an amazing job in post-processing, keeping skin hydrated will help us to get better results.
  • Have on hand cleaning wipes, diapers, extra clothing, you have to be prepared for the inevitable accidents that involves being a baby.
  • If the session is held in your home, try to open all the blinds and curtains in your home before our arrival, so the baby gets used to the lighting, plus this will allow us to identify the best locations for taking pictures .
  • Depending on the location of your home you can identify in advance what time more light enters the home, usually the best times are mid-morning or late afternoon. Commonly we will place in more light, near a large window or door, but we will always be prepared with additional lighting equipment if environmental conditions are not so favorable.
  • In our study we have a portable heater if the session is in your home, let us know if you have any. The environment should be very warm for the baby to feel comfortable, so we recommend depending on the season and weather keep your home to a warm room temperature, although we’re sweating with heat, what matters is that the baby feels comfortable without clothes.
  • It is important to keep the noise level as low as possible during the session. If you have young children or pets that may generate noise, startle the baby without warning, we recommend finding a babysitter or relative to care outside your home for the duration of the session. If you want to include them in some photos, it is best to do it at the beginning or end of the session. Preferably the shots made with only the baby, have the least amount of people around.
  • We have a collection of baskets, blankets, hats and accessories that are washed before each session, but if you have any special clothing or accessory you want to use, please bring it. In many Etsy shops you can find very beautiful ideas which you can customize for your baby session. You can also bring items or family heirlooms to be included, it is generally not possible to use it all, but we will make a selection of what you like and has meaning for you.
  • If you plan to take some pictures with your baby, I suggest you wear comfortable clothes, avoid prints and t-shirts with logos, preferably looking for solid colors. Additionally bring a white and black blouse, can be useful for any decision according to the background. For moms this is the perfect excuse to indulge a little, after the hard work of labor. Take advantage to get their hair and nails done, that always lifts the mood, and will be seen in the pictures. Dads must also pay attention to themselves, take care of your hands for the occasion, a manicure will look great for pictures that have to hold your baby.


During the session

  • Parents should be mentally prepared that the session will not be for anything fast. Usually taking 2 to 4 hours, but we can not guarantee or predict, as it all depends on the baby’s mood and sleep. So you have to dress with patience. Parents feel free to bring your ipad, some book or something to help with the wait.
  • Relax! Parents (especially mothers) tend to worry and stress out. The photo shoot of your baby may be new to you, but we already have experience in it, so trust that although the baby spends most of the time or unintentionally uncomfortable sleeping, we will capture beautiful images. Between 50% to 60% of the time the session will address feeding the baby, changing diapers or trying to make him sleep, but we are experts in taking advantage of small periods your baby will gift us. So please do not be ashamed nor frustrated, only share your baby as a baby and we understand that!
  • As a mother I learned the magic of the smell of my babies. They recognize our closeness. And this is something that is surprisingly you see in other species not only in human species. That said we want to alert you that your help is invaluable during the session to reassure the baby, but usually your distance will help and we do not want to hurt your feelings with it. Some babies are more anxious than others with food and your smell in addition to provoke tenderness, your distance can provoke hunger, which gets them more restless, so prepare your heart to not be so close to your baby for a few moments.
  • Fill up patience, patience and more patience … that will be the key to beautiful photos!


After the session

We will take two to three weeks to process the images, in our blog we will post a selection of up to 20 favorite images, but will mail you a link to a gallery with all the pictures of the session to choose your favorites and decide which products to order. This gallery can be shared with family and friends too.

We hope that these recommendations will be useful. To schedule a photo session with us, for you or someone you know, you can use the form at THIS LINK to send us your request, and send packages and options available.