Sweet 15 & 16 Video Options

PreEvent Video Option

a music video clip is a fabulous choice

Music Video

An ideal video option for young girls who want to surprise their guests or promote their party with great style. Generally prepared under the same concept of your party.

It is also the perfect memory for young girls who will not have a party but want to live the experience of feeling a “pop star” as a memory of this beautiful age in their lives. It is an unforgettable and unique experience, with your favorite song or the theme that best represents her at this stage.

a memory very special

Video Documentary

If you want to create a professional commemorative video that tells a little about who you are at this stage of your life, the video documentary is your alternative. It will be a memory of great value and a timeless one too, and that as time goes by it will have more emotional charge, since generally the closest loved ones participate. Here is an example.
coming soon video

Coming Soon Video

The pre-event or coming-soon video is ideal for announcing your next party to your contacts on social networks, but it can also be used for online invitations and much more. It is generally the favorite of teenagers who are going to have a theme party, and we do it the day of the session before your event. You can review many more examples in our session portfolio.

Party Day Video

It is a short video of 1 to 4 minutes in length

Video Highlight

The most popular alternative among teenagers. It’s a short video of 1 to 3 minutes in length. The best shots will form a dynamic video summary that everyone will love to see and share. It does not include original audio of the event and although the basic recommendation is to have two cameras, it can be shot to a single camera.

Even if you don't have a party, you can have a video

No Party - Yes! Video

Many teenagers prefer not to have a big celebration. Some ask for cars, trips… but if they want to have a commemorative photo session of their 15-16. After the pandemic, video photo sessions became much more popular, since we could capture those special parts together with their families for their memories, even if they could not celebrate.

Above we have detailed the most popular options for Sweet 15 & 16. But if you are looking for something longer, you could consider a Feature Film (10-15 minutes) or a Traditional Video (30 minutes). Call us and make an appointment with us, we will be happy to help you find the best option for you!

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