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Lissette’s Video Highlight | Beauty and the Beast Quinceañera

Like when the universe conspires in your favor! These Clients were organizing a party in a very short time, when they arrived at my office and luck smiled at them… it was my only date available that month! They gave me the opportunity to take a beautiful project to another level, because they are not only enthusiastic but they are “extra” people as me!!! It was a pleasure to meet and serve you … They exceeded my expectations and I hope I have exceeded yours!

¡Como cuando el universo conspira a tu favor! Clientes organizando una fiesta en poco tiempo, llegan a mi oficina y la suerte les sonríe … ¡Es mi única fecha disponible ese mes! Pero, son ellos quienes me dan la oportunidad de llevar a cabo un hermoso proyecto en otro nivel, porque no solo son personas entusiastas sino que son personas “extra” como yo. Fue un placer conocerles y servirles… Superaron mis expectativas y espero haber superado las de ustedes!.

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  1. Could you help me out with any available stock footage of the enchanted rose and or the Font you used!? Your work is INCREDIBLE

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