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Calendars 2015!!!

We are about to start holidays, as another year finishes.

For the last four years, during this Christmas season, I have prepared a small detail to the significant project clients of Divarte Creative Studio & Patricia Carrozzini Photo & Cinema.

With the great success in previous years of photographic calendars for the utility, motivation and beautiful decor that represent for most people; This year we bring you several options that are available directly in our gallery of clients. But we especially want to present Calendar: Favor & Grace

The year 2014 has been very exciting for our company and family. Today, as we look back and see all our accomplishments, we see that God has done great things for us and with us! He opened new doors; He shed his blessing until it overflows, and as a mighty giant, fought our battles. We owe everything to him, including getting to know each of you!

We are grateful for the opportunity you gave us to serve you in the realization of your projects. Each has been unique and special, and we want the good times we shared accompany you during the coming year, and also add all the good times that are yet to come.

We have declared that 2015 will be the year of Grace and Favor of God for our life, family and business, and wholeheartedly extend to you! … If you can believe it… you’ll see!

These Calendars for 2015 are available only to our clients, relatives, and friends who have access to a Gallery of Event, or Photographic Session at any time. If you do not remember the link, you can FIND YOUR GALLERY HERE.

The other calendars in different sizes and styles, have a traditional design, with no particular message. Only discreetly includes my photographic credits.

To help you find the calendars in our products, we have prepared some pictures with the instructions:

Favor & Grace Calendar – SIZE: 11″x17″


Bimonthly Calendar – SIZE: 11″x17″ & SIZE: 8″x10″


Monthly Calendar – SIZE: 11″x17″ & SIZE: 8″x10″


Spiral Bound Calendar – SIZE: 8.5″x11″


Year Planner – SIZE: 8″x8″




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