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Below is a list of questions that I’m most often asked by clients. Of course, if you have a question other than what’s listed here send me an email and I’ll be happy to get back to you with an answer.

How did you become a photographer for weddings?

My background is in graphic and Web Design. So how does as a designer become a photographer? Well, in my case it was thanks to a friend that always complained about the photos I delivered to some customers for their personal projects, based on creative concepts developed by me, and that were handed over to their photographers to complete. So he encouraged me to do it myself. Additionally, while in college and as part of my Advertising and Marketing major, I completed a product-focused photography course, which I continually applied in practicing my profession. But, there is a great gap between planned photography and capturing once-in-a-lifetime moments, which caused me a profound respect. Until a couple of friends that were getting remarried and did not have the budget to afford the photographer they admired, they asked me to be their photographer, as they relied on my creativity and passion to do things. I nervously accepted the challenge, Yes!… but, thereafter I fell in love with capturing and witnessing the most special moments in the lives of people through my camera lens.

What type of photography do we offer?

Currently our focus is on weddings, “Quinceanera,” Sweet16, and of course Engagement and Pre-event sessions. But since we love to capture time in an image, any occasion is a good pretext!. We do pregnancy and newborn sessions (many of them previous clients of weddings whose family is growing), as well as family sessions and children’s first birthday, etc.

What style of photography best describes your work?

The truth is that I not classify my expression in one style, I love creative diversity. I believe that each event is unique, and a professional should be able to respond to each one according to the individual characteristics and personalities of the event and/or the customers. If you want to name my style, it would be “Creative- Documentary-Traditional - Elegant-Classic -Spontaneous" in conclusion PatriciaCarrozzini

How did you choose your photographer for your own wedding day?

Honestly, I have always believed that one reaps what one sews, and I wanted to have spectacular photos, so I set out to find a photographer among the most famous in my region at that time, which was therefore, was not so economical. Obviously, this was more than 10 years ago and wedding photography has changed a lot. But in my living room I display a beautiful black and white photo which I had redone in watercolor by an artist whose skill came prior to Photoshop. Recently we did a photo session of my anniversary, where I wore my original wedding gown again because I was dying to have the same photos of myself as the ones I now do for new brides! The photographs are memories and family heirlooms as well hence my recommendation will always be: that the best investment is the one made to preserve your special memories! So do not be swayed by costs, consider your options and meet with photographers that get your attention. I believe it is essential that there is a good rapport and chemistry between you and the professionals who you employ. A good recommendation is to screen potential candidates via Facebook or Twitter. Their exchange in social networks says a lot about their personality!

Will all our photos will be edited?

Of course! We distribute only edited images to our customers. Each image that you receive will be ready for printing.

Do You do finishing touches the pictures?

I only tweak the photos selected for the album and the printed portraits of the bride and groom. The work consists of a basic retouching of the skin. The other pictures are edited according to the basic principles of photography; corrections of color and contrast.

Are you available for weddings abroad or out of state?

Of course! Traveling is one of our passions and the opportunity to film/shoot in a new place is always exciting and welcome.

How do I know the time it will take, where the shoot place for wedding pictures will take, and whether the session/s will pose a long period of interruption during the wedding?

We visit place and the scenery to find the best lighting. We will develop a plan and discuss which will be the best time/s for the photos on the day of the wedding. We aim to obtain the best possible pictures without taking the bride and groom away from their guests for long periods of time.

Do you guarantee your presence at our event?

Always! But should an unfortunate event occur, I am part of a very strong network of friends and professional colleagues and I can guarantee a highly qualified substitute.

How long will we have to wait to see our pictures?

Not too long! We love to make previews for our customers so we will publish some of our favorite photos a few days after their wedding. You can see samples of our progress on our blog and on our Facebook page. The entire gallery will be delivered within 6-8 weeks after your wedding.

How many images we are going to receive?

The number of images delivered depends on how much coverage time is and will be devoted to portraits. Your edited photos will be delivered in digital format on a USB or CD. The online gallery with your images is linked to a professional lab, so you can do your standard ordering of prints, mounted in boxes, canvas among other products.

Do we have permission to print our photos of ourselves?

Yes! You will receive a Permission-to-Print that will allow you to print your pictures wherever you choose. However, we will include print Guidelines which we strongly recommend and have your images printed by a professional laboratory.

Do I have to choose the photos to my album?

Yes, you will be fully involved in the design process of your album.

Can we find out what your previous customers have said about your work?

Yes, you can! Please, you can review the comments section on our website, on Facebook and in wedding networks such as

Do you have liability insurance?

Yes, we are insured. Let us know if your venue requires a certificate of responsibility so that we can provide them a copy before your big day.

Can we meet with you in person?

Of course! Simply contact us and we will schedule a time to meet and talk about your wedding day.