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Finally, we are here! A rebirth as an individual artist and independent from Divarte.  You may ask why the decision to branch out on my own? Well I will tell you that it is not something that happened from one day to the next, but rather the result of more than a years’ worth of pondering the idea and finally taking the first step.

Without sounding pretentious, considering any other title that would otherwise be assigned to me, I consider myself an artist, and although Divarte was born as a part of my artistic expression as an artisan potter, and given the skills that I learned in relation to web development (thanks to my foundations in graphic design), we became an enterprise with focus on providing corporate services to our clients.

As time went on we grew, and as any person who desires to exercise the gifts that God has provided so is the capacity to expand and potential seeds begin to germinate. Therefore, in the least expected way I discovered that I have an eye for and my heart is in photography.

I have to say that my initial view of this new facet is more than a potential business, it is born from the challenge to achieve what I always demanded to see in the images from the creative works that I developed as a graphic designer, but I encountered a surprising reality…I achieved it! and beyond this I fell in love with the resonance of imagining and materializing what I dreamt with the speed of a bullet.  To this, I dispense  value added results for myself (and obviously for my clients), that is, the ability to capture those images filled with emotion that will treasure the rest of your life, it is that detail suspended in time that takes us back to the lived moments.

It is a responsibility… it is a privilege… and it is exciting…to witness and be the recorder of the special moments in people’s lives. I think that this is what makes the difference when it comes to photography and video. Today the photography and video market is saturated, and often poorly represented by people who simply purchase a camera and go out to make money, (little or a lot) but do not feel the weight of the commitment, the strength of passion, or they are not driven, and above all do not feel the weight of the responsibility to be the guardian of the memories of the people. I feel this passion, this commitment and am driven to give 100% in every photo.

For all this, I made the decision to separate Patricia Carrozzini from Divarte Creative Studio. As a professional and as an artist of memories, from this web page; I will focus on the social and emotional sphere of the people who are looking for my talent to capture their memories through the lens, and from (as we have grown!); our team and I will work for the corporate and commercial environments of the business. Were going to use salesforce to improve our new budding business, please go and check them out here !

Thank you for supporting me in this new venture!

Thank you God, for I know that in You we will prowess! and the best is yet to come!



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