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Tag : cake smash

Sarita’s 2nd Birthday Cake Smash

I’ve known this little girl since she was in her mother’s belly. We photographed her when she was born and now we celebrate with her her second birthday. A esta pequeña la conozco desde que estaba en la barriga de su mami. La fotografiamos cuando nació y ahora celebramos junto a ella su segundo cumple. Guardar

Abigail’s CakeSmash

After a beautiful family session (you can see it here now I bring Abigail’s Cake-Smash Pictures!

Aaron’s Cake Smash

We celebrated the first birthday of handsome Aaron in the last days of summer with a delicious CakeSmash!

Kenzie’s Cake Smash

Photographing babies is always a delight, their spontaneous smiles, and those big eyes full of hope make everyone melt. The beautiful Kenzie gave us a very entertaining evening, in our weekend visiting Virginia. This beautiful, sweet and gluttonous princess steals the hearts of all people. God continue to bless you and make you grow full of grace! Here my favorite photos!