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Jaylen’s Sweet Sixteen | Video Highlight | Villa Barone Manor, Bronx NY

Months ago we went to the Bronx to celebrate with this beautiful Dominican family the Sweet-Sixteen of Jaylen…. Meses atrás nos fuimos al Bronx celebrar junto a ésta hermosa familia dominicana los Dulces 16 de Jaylen.

Beauty and the Beast Sweet Sixteen Party in Villa Barone, Bronx NY

We have finally arrived to the last week of this incredible summer of 2016, very grateful, first with God who has blessed us so much, He has opened doors and shown us roads, and above all it He has given us a particular way of being, seeing , imagining and creating, that characterizes us. God is good all the time! We also thank all customers who have given us the opportunity to capture their memories and to share those special […]