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Waiting for Kylie | Monique & Marco

— Today I bring you a special video … dedicated to the fruit of love! And like any good project has a story behind it … Well here goes the story haha …

These young parents, Mark and Monique, awaited the birth of their daughter Kylie in 2015, and I also expected that date to launch the video (coinciding with the birth).

But this baby did not want to wait for the new year, so she announced her arrival in 2014 … It was double the special gift for her parents because she was strategically was born on December 24th !!!

I was super happy for them, but they got me in the middle of my well deserved vacation! lol … So I said to myself: we hope to celebrate Kylie’s first month and present the video recording of her sweet loving parents waiting!

And upon completion of the month of her arrival, here you can enjoy the video, which still does not understand this angel of God … but that accompany her in her growth and with the passing of time will acquire more value in your life, because it marks the beginning of her history.

With love for Kylie, Monique & Marco!

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